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The integration of culture and tourism, dragon boat is not only a sport but also a culture

Yikang furniture won the third place in the Dragon Boat friendship competition of Pearl River Delta in 2019

Dragon boat is not only a kind of sports, but also a kind of culture. In thousands of years of development, dragon boat has become the carrier of urban spirit and life mode. In Shunde, the Dragon Boat folk custom has been completely inherited: the first day of May "starting the Dragon Boat", the third day of the third day of the third year, the fifth day of the fifth year "releasing the dragon", "competition", "winning the bid" and "Tibetan dragon", which is a major feature of Shunde Dragon Boat culture. The combination of dragon boat and the innovative spirit of "dare to be the first" in the city also gave birth to the national intangible cultural heritage of dragon boat rap, a unique large-scale Township banquet form of dragon boat rice, etc. In order to better present the characteristics and culture of dragon boat, Foshan dragon boat culture and Lingnan folk culture elements will be integrated into the opening and closing ceremonies and event organization. The opening ceremony will integrate the singing and dancing performances with Lingnan water town characteristics with dragon boat culture, create a lively and exuberant atmosphere, and follow the traditional activities such as dragon boat finishing touch. The closing ceremony is based on "Dragon Boat feast" During the competition, the organizing committee will also present pigs and wine to the participating teams according to the traditional customs, so that the athletes can deeply understand the unique customs and cultural charm of the Dragon Boat
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