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How do you choose mattresses to learn from God's experience?
Date:2018-11-15 13:51:19

Generally speaking, the first task of moving into a new home is to buy suitable furniture. As an important tool for our work and rest, the bed must consider its comfort and safety. Among them, the mattress is the most important part of the bed. How to choose a good mattress is related to our happy life. So, how to choose a good mattress? What about the mattress?

First, when we choose mattresses, we should try our best to choose big brands, because the quality of big brands is guaranteed first, there will be no second-best, using inferior materials to make mattresses, and big brands have professional considerations from the mattress materials and design, the choice of more room, can meet the requirements of different age groups.

Second, according to the smell and appearance of mattress. Generally speaking, the material of the mattress is cloth and latex. Generally speaking, these materials will not have too pungent taste. If there is a distinct taste, it should be noted that manufacturers may use substandard products, which has an impact on health. Generally speaking, the quality mattress is smooth, without obvious wrinkles and thread.

Third, according to the internal material of mattress. If the mattress can be opened to see the internal material, you can observe whether it is clean, see whether there is mildew, spring rust and other problems, you can also check whether the support material and product introduction is the same, to avoid being cheated.

Fourth, choose suitable mattress according to your personal preference. The common mattress types are latex mattress, palm mattress and spring mattress. Latex mattress is relatively soft, suitable for the elderly and children to sleep. The palm mattress is relatively hard, and has obvious improvement on people with low back pain. Spring mattress is more common, suitable for most people to choose. But also according to their own sleep posture, sleep time and movement convenience to consider the design of mattress, otherwise it is difficult to achieve comfortable sleep.

Fifth, the permeability of mattress. Generally speaking, wet places should choose mattresses with good air permeability. Mattresses with poor air permeability are easy to breed bacteria and mites, which have a health impact on children and the elderly, who have poor resistance.

Sixth, choose the right size. When choosing the size of the mattress, the number and height should be taken into account. If the mattress is used by children and elderly with inconvenience for movement, the mattress should not be bought too high or too wide to affect their action. If you are a husband and wife, consider your partner's height and habits to meet the needs of both sides as much as possible.

Seventh, choose the right price. Mattress is also a part of furniture, should pursue comfort and safety and health, not price as a measure, after all, beyond their own budget will affect their quality of life, not worth the loss.

Of course, these are only some basic selection requirements, to buy a mattress or to go to the physical store experience, after all, the body is the best measure, choice also needs a variety of types of price comparison, so as to choose the ideal mattress, I wish everyone can choose the right mattress, have a comfortable sleep.

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