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What mattress is suitable for people with bad lumbar spine?
Date:2018-11-15 13:52:37

The occurrence of lumbar disc herniation is related to functional degeneration and weight bearing and body position. Usually, body weight will be shared by head, neck, shoulder, back, waist, buttocks, arms, lower limbs and heels after lying flat. The burden of lumbar vertebrae will be reduced, and the pain will also be reduced. Therefore, for lumbar spondylosis patients, it is necessary to choose a bedding suitable for sleep, including a pillow. Generally speaking, wooden bed, hard Simmons mattress and soil Kang can be used to reduce the pressure of weight and weight on the intervertebral disc, so that the disease can be alleviated. But do not advocate sleeping too hard "light board" bed, it is better to pave a 7 cm to 9 cm cushion on the thin and moderate wood board, people should lie on it feeling is harder than Simmons, softer than "light board". The height of the pillow is preferably not more than 7 centimeters. In this way, patients can adapt to the physiological curvature to a greater extent when lying on their backs, so as not to make some parts too laborious, some parts are suspended, while lying on the side can also get the corresponding "lifting" strength from the bedplate, making people more comfortable. When lying on the back, in order to reduce the weight of the waist, a cushion can be placed under the knee joint to make the joint bend moderately, so that the muscles of the lower limbs can relax while sharing the weight of the waist. When you are out of bed, you should put on a waist to avoid unnecessary sprain.

Too soft or strong bed is not conducive to the elderly spine and lumbar rest. Too soft mattress will make the intervertebral disc slide back easily, which will affect the normal physiological curvature of the lumbar spine, causing the contraction, tension and spasm of the lumbar muscles and ligaments, aggravating symptoms. And the mattress is too soft will also increase the difficulty of turning over the elderly, once an emergency occurs, the soft bed will have a great obstacle to the elderly's first aid work.

Old people can choose a soft and hard mattress, maintain the normal physiological lordosis of the lumbar spine in supine position, keep the lumbar spine in lateral position, and the thickness of the bedding depends on their comfortable feeling. Patients with acute prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc should also have bedding at least 3 cm above. Slim elderly people are suitable for soft mattresses, while heavier elderly people are suitable for slightly hard mattresses.

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